Those who live in the Arctic

The Russian Arctic is home to 2.5 million people. They need high-quality social services, modern infrastructure, well-paid jobs, and opportunities to make a contribution into the development of their home region.

Here you will find all useful information for those who live in the Arctic.

Photo: Karpukhin Sergey
Those who live in the Arctic

Northern Russia is home to numerous peoples. They speak not only Russian, but also a number of their native languages and have different lifestyles. This is especially true for indigenous peoples of the North. There are eighteen of them. Northerners rely on traditional economies or work in ports, on mining sites and at various infrastructural facilities. PORA is here to implement numerous projects to the benefit of northern indigenous communities together with local authorities and NGOs operating in the Russian Arctic. Here is the summary of all projects intended for those who live in the Arctic.

We give grants to support social entrepreneurship, tourism, culture and traditions in the Arctic. The maximum amount of our lump-sum grants is 50,000 rubles for individuals and 100,000 rubles for legal entities. PORA provides support to those who organize film festivals, photo exhibits, events for children etc. We also help publish books and textbooks, make broadcasts, and produce cartoon films. Our grant program contributes to supporting traditional arts and crafts of the indigenous peoples of the North, startups launched in polar regions, and important social projects.