The Project Office for the Development of the Arctic has set an ambitious goal of raising knowledge of the Russian public on the Arctic, this unique region.

The Office is involved in a variety of projects relating to social, economic and environmental aspects of human activity in the High North.

We engage top researchers and introduce best practices aiming to improve living standards of those who live in Arctic urban areas, as well as to provide support to the indigenous minorities of the Russian Arctic.

We also contribute to the development of ecotourism at the designated conservation areas in the Arctic, as well as to the projects aiming to protect threatened and endangered species of the region.

We give tribune and grants to institutions and people involved in Arctic research and related areas.

Apart from this, we organize and host conferences, workshops, seminars, round tables and meetings on issues relating to the Arctic.

We work to promote domestic and foreign investment into projects implemented in the Russian Arctic and pre-Arctic regions of Russia.



Aleksandr Stotskiy


Mr. Stotskiy is a graduate of the Moscow Polytechnic University and the Moscow State University (Faculty of Psychology). Aleksandr has a solid experience of working as a professional consultant. For several years, he occupied the position of Deputy Governor of the Yamal Autonomous District (acting) for Public and International Relations. Aleksandr took part in setting up, and worked as Executive Secretary of the Energy Policy Committee at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. He implemented several research projects in the field of corporate sociology for major oil, gas and chemical companies.  Until recently, he was an analyst at the Moscow Health Care Research Institute.

Our Mission

Why does the North attract people? What are we looking for in the Arctic? Is it cold, silence, or solitude? Do we choose going North to test ourselves, or to search a better life, as our ancestors did?

Skeptics would say that there is nothing new to look for in the Arctic, and all one may find there is cities breathing in street fumes, oil derricks standing like monuments to fallen heroes, and tundra roads crossed by reindeer herd passages. 

We say that you can find a unique microcosm here. There is a reason why they call Arconauts those who live and work in the Arctic. We love the High North. We also know that the Arctic likes it when everything is well organized and planned. For if it is not, the Arctic can easily claim your life.

Our mission is to assist humanity in its effort to set foot in the Arctic. We work to make the Arctic closer and more accessible to people. We work to ensure that development in the Arctic continues now and in the future. We work to safeguard the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic, which should be inherited by the future generations intact.