Contact information

PORA Head Office
23 Maliy Tishinskiy Lane, Building 1, 2 Floor, Moscow, Russian Federation
+7 495-777-91-64
Alexander Stotskiy

Mr. Stotskiy is a graduate of the Moscow Polytechnic University and the Moscow State University (Faculty of Psychology). Alexander has a solid experience of working as a professional consultant.

For several years, he occupied the position of Deputy Governor of the Nenets Autonomous District (acting) for Public and International Relations.

Alexander took part in setting up, and worked as Executive Secretary of the Energy Policy Committee at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

PORA Center for Analysis and Information
14 Sotsialisticheskaya St., 3 Floor, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
+7 495 777-91-64

Mr. Pavlovskiy graduated from the Russian State Pedagogical University and the North-West Academy of Public Administration. He worked as press office manager for the Governor of St. Petersburg.

He also held the position of Advisor at the Department for Interregional and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries of the Presidential Administration for three years. Igor worked as Editor and then Deputy Editor-in-Chief at the Rosbalt news agency. Since March 2020, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Delovoi Peterburg online portal. He joined PORA in November 2019 in his current capacity of head of the PORA Center for Analysis and Information in St. Petersburg.

Mr. Pavlovskiy has the rank of Councilor of the Russian Federation, 3rd class. He is fluent in English, Estonian and Polish.

Sustainable Development Laboratory
25/26 Sofia Perovskaya St., Murmansk, Russian Federation
+7 495 777 9164
Yevgeniy Borovichev

Dr. Borovichev graduated from the Petrozavodsk State University (Botany and Plant Physiology Department, Faculty of Ecology and Biology) in 2007. He has a PhD degree in Biology. Yevgeniy authored about 200 research papers on botany and environmental protection in Russian and English along with 10 books.

Dr. Borovichev is a member of academic councils of the RAS Kola Science Centre, the Institute of Industrial Ecology Issues of the North, the Avrorin Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute, and the Lapland Reserve. He also serves as Chairperson in the Murmansk Department of the Russian Botanical Society, member of the International Association of Bryologists and the Nordic Bryological Society. Yevgeniy is the Deputy Head for Research at both the Kola Science Centre (Russian Academy of Sciences) and the Institute of Industrial Ecology Issues of the North.

Polar Bear Environmental Learning Center
9A Sovetskaya St., Norilsk, Russian Federation

Ms. Shadrina manages the Polar Bear Environmental Learning Center in the city of Norilsk. She is a teacher, arts and culture researcher, historian, ethnographer, bibliographer and writer. She authored the following books for children: I Read, I Think, I Solve, Understanding the World Through Math, and Nonfiction Stories about People and Animals.