Arctic Call Project Helps Ex-Servicemen Find Employment in High North

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Arctic Call Project Helps Ex-Servicemen Find Employment in High North

According to a statement by the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (FEDC), about 5 thousand servicemen enlisted with the Russian Army and Navy were given an opportunity to explore the Arctic employment market, with 3 to 4 thousand of them being expected to opt for a career in the High North in 2022. The statement was made by the Corporation officials on 8 December following the completion of a pilot stage of the Arctic Call project.

The project co-organizers -- FEDC, metal giant Nornickel and Our Arctic NGO -- held job orientation sessions at 60 military bases located in three out of five Russia’s military districts and those of the Northern Fleet. The project’s target audience are young men and women serving in the military as well as those who have already been honorably discharged.

The purpose of the project is to attract young professionals to the Russian Arctic. Under the project, those interested in living and working in the High North are eligible for a support package that includes, inter alia, professional training and job consultancy.

FEDC expects that next year more big employers will join the Arctic Call initiative. In addition, the Corporation is working towards including the Far Eastern areas of this country into the scope of the project.

The project will help satisfy the growing demand for skilled labor that is becoming typical for the Russian Arctic. According to FEDC, more than 182,000 new jobs in 64 various fields will be created in Russia’s Arctic Zone until 2035. For instance, the Arctic economy will require 10,500 more employees in 2022, 11,200 in 2023, and about 10,000 in 2024.

PORA is also doing its part in addressing the deficit in workers. Work is underway to launch Good Job Center, an online platform providing access to the information on job opportunities in the Arctic, recent news of the Arctic labor market, and available vacancies offered by trusted employers.

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Alexander Stotskiy
9 December 2021
Arctic Today