Arctic Hectare Becomes Available to All Russian Nationals

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Arctic Hectare Becomes Available to All Russian Nationals

Effective from 1 February, non-Arctic residents will be able to apply for land plots in the Russian Arctic in accordance with the so-called Far Eastern Hectare Act (2016) as amended in summer 2021.

On 1 February 2022, the act’s provision imposing restriction on submissions by non-Arctic applicants expired. The provision, which has been in effect for six months, had been introduced to enable those who live in the Russian Arctic to apply for land ownership in their respective regions thus ensuring their priority. From now on, any Russian national can submit an application for allotment of such a land site. The opportunity is also open to those who immigrate to Russia under the so-called Compatriot Resettlement Program.

The Ministry for the Far East and Arctic expects that the right to claim a land plot will be enjoyed by self-starters willing to settle down in the North, build a house or launch a business project. It is important, however, that their initiatives are given full support at the local and regional levels, the Ministry says.

According to the Ministry, more than 4,300 people have applied for land, and more than 2,100 submissions have been okayed by local authorities since the program inception. Most submissions were registered with the authorities of Murmansk Oblast (2,478), Arkhangelsk Oblast (883), the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (554) and the Republic of Karelia (434).

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Alexander Stotskiy
1 February 2022
Arctic Today