Safety First

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Safety First

Safety is a top priority for all Arctic nations. Living and working in the High North being associated with a wide range of risks, preparedness is crucial for maintaining a normal course of life in Arctic communities.

Russia’s Emergency Ministry has announced its plans to hold a major preparedness exercise on 7-8 September in seven Russian Arctic regions. First responders from Finland, Norway, Canada and the US together with their Russian colleagues will take part in the event.

The exercise will involve responding to twelve various emergency scenarios including such as an anthrax outbreak, underground fire at a mining site, oil spill in the sea and on the Arctic coast, ship accident, nuclear power plant emergency etc.

As part of the exercise, Russian first responders will test new and improve the existing emergency response techniques, assess -- and if necessary revise -- contingency strategies and plans, and conduct field tests of equipment prototypes. In total, seven territorial and 28 specialized emergency units will be deployed in the Russian High North to take part in the exercise.
Alexander Stotskiy
19 August 2021
Arctic Today