Investment Accelerator for the Russian Arctic

Photo: Karpukhin Sergey

Investment Accelerator for the Russian Arctic

The Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic together with the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation have launched an investment accelerator program aiming to provide support for infrastructure investment projects to be implemented in Russia’s Far Eastern and Arctic regions.

The mentioned accelerator is a platform accumulating project applications from both companies and regional governments interested in developing infrastructure within the region concerned. It is, in fact, a one-stop shop for presenting infrastructure-related initiatives, consulting, and finding implementing partners and/or (co)investors. The platform is intended to bring together offer and demand, establish new private-public partnerships, and translate them into a meaningful public good.

Despite the fact the accelerator has been launched only recently, it has already yielded some impressive results.

According to the Far East and Arctic Ministry, 335 such projects with a total of 667 billion rubles (more than USD 9 billion) have already been registered with the investment accelerator system. The sectors accounting for the largest investment are road construction, amenities, and industry-related infrastructure.
Alexander Stotskiy
30 June 2021
Arctic Today