New Businesses, Arctic Hectares and Manager Training

Photo: Karpukhin Sergey

New Businesses, Arctic Hectares and Manager Training

Alexei Chekunkov, Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic, gave an extensive interview to Izvestia newspaper on a wide range of topics concerning the Russian North.

According to the Minister, about 2.7 thousand new businesses have been launched in the Far East and Arctic owing to the recent introduction of preferential regimes and free economic zones. These measures have also helped create more than 180 thousand jobs and attracted more than 9 trillion rubles (USD 122.2 billion) in investments in the respective regions. Governmental decisions foster economic growth and employment bringing new life to remote areas of the Russian Arctic, Mr. Chekunkov says.

Far Eastern Hectare, a major initiative enabling any Russian national to claim a land plot in the country’s Far Eastern and Arctic regions, appears to be attracting an influx of applicants. As stated by the Far Eastern and Arctic Ministry, more than 90 thousand people have already applied to take part in the program. The latter being regarded as a big success, Russian authorities plan to expand it so as to include in its scope other regions of the country.

Managing vast and sparsely populated areas of the Russian Arctic being a tough challenge, Russian authorities have come up with an idea of selecting young talented people to be trained as future government officials, corporate executives and experts in the Arctic. To this end, a highly demanding training program is being designed. The program is named after Count Muravyov-Amursky, a Russian general, statesman and diplomat, who played a major role in the expansion of the Russian Empire into the Far East.
Alexander Stotskiy
18 August 2021
Arctic Today