Responding to Environmental Challenges

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Responding to Environmental Challenges

Protecting the environment is a top priority for the Russian Arctic.

This 5 June, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, an important platform for dialogue between the government, big business and civic society, hosted an event inaugurating Clean Arctic, a major conservation initiative targeting Russia’s polar territories. The initiative aims at bringing together the federal and regional authorities, environmentalists, businesspeople, activists and volunteers for the sake of improving the environment of, and the quality of life in, the Arctic. PORA is proud to announce that it will participate in this initiative, too.

The Yakut Republic (Russia) has announced a project which will focus on removing metal scrap that has been accumulating in northern areas of the region for decades. The project will be co-funded and co-operated by both private and public entities. Regional authorities plan to take away for recycling about 100,000 tons of scrap in five years.

The water treatment system of the city of Arkhangelsk is to undergo a major refurbishment under a joint public-private program that will start this year. The city seeks to achieve zero waste production by 2034.

In turn, the Murmansk regional authorities reported a drastic improvement of air quality in this border region. According to Mr. Chibis, the Governor, this happened owing to putting out of operation the outdated industries and modernizing newer ones by Norilsk Nickel, a major metal producer operating in the region.
Alexander Stotskiy
6 July 2021
Arctic Today