Environmental Agenda for Russia and the World

Photo: Filip Gielda / Unsplash

Environmental Agenda for Russia and the World

This 25 June, the International Forum themed “Russia’s Arctic Council Chairmanship – Environmental Agenda for Russia and the World” took place in Moscow, Russia.

A series of events were hosted as part of the forum, such as the International Media Congress of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council Member Countries and thematic sessions on Arctic marine and coastal environment, shipping activities, wildlife conservation, natural resource management and environmental protection, climatic challenges in the Arctic etc.

Among the key points discussed:

- Political agendas should not prevail in the circumpolar dialogue. Instead, Arctic countries should focus on addressing major issues of concern such as safeguarding the fragile Arctic environment and protecting rights and vital interests of indigenous communities of the High North.

- Russia takes steps to mitigate the accumulated damage inflicted on the Arctic environment, implement BATs, and improve waste management systems in the Russian Arctic.

- Environmental and climatic monitoring systems will be deployed on a large number of Russian ships navigating in high latitudes, as well as in the country’s Polar ports.

- A black carbon and methane monitoring network will be established in the country’s Arctic areas.

- Eight major landfills in the Arctic will be closed and rehabilitated.

- Russia intends to further invest into renewables, including launching several hydrogen projects in the Russian Arctic.
Alexander Stotskiy
25 June 2021
Arctic Today