Russia’s National Interests in the Arctic

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Russia’s National Interests in the Arctic

Yesterday, 22 June, the Interagency Committee of the Russian Security Council met  for a session on security issues and challenges in the Arctic. I would like to mention the key points made by those present.

- Russia grows increasingly concerned about the deployment of additional troops near its borders in the Arctic by the Western nations. Russian top security officials believe this may destabilize the balance in the region and have an adverse impact on Russia’s relations with its neighbors in the Arctic.

- The Security Council sees further upgrading of this country’s military infrastructure in the Arctic as a means of countering potential threats coming from the West.

- However, peace in the Arctic being Russia’s top priority, it will take steps to ensure the capacity-building of the Arctic Council as a key international forum on circumpolar issues. As chair of the Arctic Council, Russia will focus on promoting international cooperation and mutual trust between the Arctic nations.

- Russia intends to further explore and develop the natural riches of the Arctic, including oil, gas and metals, as well as invest into development of the Northern Sea Route.

- The government is determined to carry on efforts aiming to safeguard the environment of the Arctic. It will further support improving waste management and continue to address cumulative environmental impacts in the High North.

Overall, the meeting reaffirmed the strategic importance of the Arctic for Russia in terms of development and national security.
Alexander Stotskiy
23 June 2021
Arctic Today