Interactive Investment Map for Far East and Arctic Launched Online

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Interactive Investment Map for Far East and Arctic Launched Online

On 27 January 2022, the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation announced the launch of its online investment map offering tools for quick selection of land plots available for new investment projects.

The interactive map has an inbuilt search engine allowing to check sites listed therein for the availability of infrastructure. At the moment, the map’s database comprises more than 600 greenfield and brownfield sites, as well as 7,000 pieces of infrastructure. Land plots are offered by all eighteen regions that are part of the Russian Far East and Arctic.

The system features a number of filters enabling quick fine-tuned search for available sites. It also provides the functionality to compare different offers based on key criteria such as site size/dimensions, distance from regional centers, access to/types of infrastructure, applicable benefits etc. Search is available in five languages, namely in Russian, English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

According to the Corporation, about 3,000 projects worth some USD 80 billion are being currently implemented in the Russian Far East and Arctic as per agreements concluded therewith. Newly designed digital tools, including the mentioned map, are expected to help improve the attractiveness of the Russian Arctic and Far East for Russian-based and international investors.

An entire array of mechanisms to stimulate economic growth in these remote Russian regions have been implemented in recent years. For instance, in 2020, the status of resident of the Russian Arctic Zone was introduced together with a package of tax and other benefits. In parallel, several special economic areas have been established in the mentioned regions.

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Alexander Stotskiy
31 January 2022
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