New Design Code to be Introduced in Russian Arctic

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New Design Code to be Introduced in Russian Arctic

A new model design code has been approved for use in Arctic settlements, says the Information and Analysis Centre under the State Commission for Arctic Development. The code designed by the Commission’s Information and Analysis Centre, in cooperation with the Far Eastern and Arctic Ministry and the Ministry for Construction, will be used when implementing landscaping and urban development projects in the Russian High North.

The document summarizes standards and recommendations applicable to urban projects in the Arctic in view of specific climate and geographical features of the region such as extreme low temperatures, frequent fog, snowfalls, storms, blizzards, polar night and day etc. For instance, it promotes the use of wind screens, outdoor food storage boxes, vent windows and other solutions fit for the Arctic. The model design code also sets out guidelines as regards data visualization techniques (infographic, public announcements, billboards, signs etc.).

According to the Centre, a special emphasis is made on lighting, navigation and use of colours: the guide is tailored so as to meet the challenge of making Arctic cities a better place for living. The code provides a set of flexible tools that can be selectively used by polar settlements in accordance with their specific objectives and needs.

Urbanism, landscaping and beautification are rather important in terms of sustainable development in the Arctic. Introducing these design guidelines will help to render cities and villages in the High North more comfortable, friendly and people-oriented.

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Alexander Stotskiy
19 January 2022
Arctic Today