New Ships Being Constructed at Zvezda Shipyard


New Ships Being Constructed at Zvezda Shipyard

A major effort is underway to create a fleet fit for the challenge of delivering goods from Russia’s projects in the Arctic to the rest of the world. On 24 December 2021, the Zvezda Shipyard started cutting metal for a product carrier powered by natural-gas-based motor fuel. The tanker, which is to be commissioned by 2024, is being built for the Arctic LNG project.

The vessel is the sixth out of 15 product carriers contracted by the project. The tanker fleet will be co-owned and operated by SCF and Novatek. The vessels were specifically designed to be used in all-season transport operations on the Northern Sea Route, including its Eastern sector notorious for its harsh climatic conditions and sub-zero temperatures. To meet the challenge of navigating in the High North, they were designed to have a thicker hull than the first-generation Arctic-class LNG carriers. Putting these vessels into operation will help considerably increase the amount of goods moved on the NSR.

In turn, Severstal, a major Russian-based steel producer, supplied about 9,000 tons of metal for the world’s largest nuclear-powered icebreaker currently being built at Zvezda. The top-grade steel produced specifically for the Leader-class icebreaker dubbed “Russia” is expected to meet the highest standards and requirements.

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Alexander Stotskiy
29 December 2021
Arctic Today