Perm University to Train Specialists in Arctic Biology

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Perm University to Train Specialists in Arctic Biology

The Perm National Research University plans to launch a master’s program in Arctic and Subarctic biology. The plans were announced on 18 February 2022 by the University’s Press Office.

The program’s curriculum is being designed in cooperation with the Institute for Water Environment, Far-Eastern Department of the Russian Science Academy, whose experts will also lecture to the students of the Perm University. Master’s students will learn how to monitor the Arctic environment, use geoinformation technologies and apply mathematical analysis.

In addition, students will be offered summer internship programs at the Institute for Water Environment, the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (St. Petersburg), and North-Western State University (Magadan). Several students from the Perm University have already enjoyed the opportunity to take a summer internship in the Russian High North under the new program’s pilot.

Opening new Arctic classes and master’s programs at Russian universities is an important trend. With the industrial expansion in the High North the region is getting increasingly vulnerable in the environmental terms. Understanding numerous vulnerabilities of the Arctic along with the ways of addressing them is crucial for attaining sustainability in high latitudes.

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Alexander Stotskiy
21 February 2022
Arctic Today