Rosatom Working Towards Launching Digital Platform for NSR

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Rosatom Working Towards Launching Digital Platform for NSR

Russian state nuclear monopoly Rosatom commenced a project to design an integrated digital service platform for the Northern Sea Route (NSR). According to Maxim Kulinko, second-in-command at Rosatom’s NSR Directorate responsible for the project, work to design its architecture has kicked off. The product is expected to be delivered by Rosatom developers by April-June 2025.

The platform will integrate various digital products, services and databases. Its purpose will be to ensure navigation safety and improve dispatcher control on the NSR. About 1,500 users will be given access to 27 digital services grouped into nine blocks such as:

  • navigation safety;
  • marine traffic control;
  • navigation assistance;
  • weather and ice conditions;
  • safety and efficiency analysis;
  • NSR infrastructure management;
  • cargo shipping support;
  • NSR service registry;
  • NSR environmental monitoring.
Launching this advanced, comprehensive and highly functional product, which will bring together a variety of services, is regarded as an important step toward transforming the NSR into a major international shipping lane. The platform will help systematize the traffic flow on the Northern Sea Route, better plan and manage cargo shipping, and save time and money, together with making the NSR a safer lane to navigate.

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Alexander Stotskiy
17 December 2021
Arctic Today