Top Arctic stories of the week, 6 -- 10 December 2021

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Top Arctic stories of the week, 6 -- 10 December 2021

Below is a recap of this week’s posts by Alexander Stotskiy (CEO, Project Office for Arctic Development) analyzing major international, national and regional events and trends in the Arctic.

Subsea Arctic pipeline brought online in Yamal

Gazprom Neft, a major Russian-based oil and gas producer, has commissioned a subsea pipeline to connect its Novoport field on the Yamal Peninsula to the country’s gas trunk network operated by its parent company Gazprom. The pipeline capable of moving up to 20 billion cubic meters of gas per annum will unlock major gas reserves on the Yamal Peninsula. Read more…

A project will help ex-servicemen find employment in the High North

About 5 thousand servicemen enlisted with the Russian Army and Navy were given an opportunity to explore the Arctic employment market, with 3 to 4 thousand of them being expected to opt for a career in the High North in 2022. This was stated by the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation officials on 8 December following the completion of a pilot stage of the Arctic Call project. The project is expected to help satisfy the growing demand for skilled labor in the Russian Arctic. Read more…

Novatek and RWE will cooperate on supply of blue fuels

Obskiy Gas Chemical, a major chemical project in the Russian Arctic, is taking shape with Novatek and Germany’s RWE signing a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate on supply of low-carbon fuels and LNG. The memorandum envisages the supply of blue ammonia and hydrogen from Novatek’s planned Obskiy Gas Chemical Complex, as well as the expansion of existing LNG spot supplies. Read more…

A new flight unit to consolidate Arctic competencies

Aerokhimflot, an alliance of small private airlines, announced its plans to establish an Arctic flight department. This initiative is of considerable importance for the High North. Small airlines are crucial for ensuring steady development in the Arctic, as they help connect remote off-grid settlements scattered across the Russian North. Read more…

Key topics regarding the Arctic discussed in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg hosted the XI International Forum Arctic: Today and the Future, one of this country’s top conferences on the High North focusing on its challenges and development prospects. Participants discussed such topics as environment, economy and social policies, international cooperation, Arctic infrastructure, technology, safety and security, major projects, the NSR etc. Read more…
Alexander Stotskiy
10 December 2021
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