Arctic Standard’s Developers to Consider Best Practices

Arctic Standard’s Developers to Consider Best Practices

Work is underway to design the so-called Arctic Standard, a key document regulating urban planning, landscaping and reshaping of public space in Arctic settlements. Alexei Chekunkov, Minister for the Far East and Arctic, updated the public on the progress made in this respect at a parliamentary panel session on Norilsk renovation this 20 December.

According to the Minister, the Standard’s developers seek to base their model on not only Russian, but also best international practices. “We consider the whole world… all permafrost regions and all areas exposed to low temperatures are of interest to us. Together with the Construction Ministry, we introduce all best available Arctic-related technologies into the said Standard”, said Mr. Chekunkov.

As part of the Standard, two subprojects are to be launched. First, a best practice library -- an online platform accumulating best practices and experience in Arctic urbanism -- will be designed. Second, an Arctic design code will be drafted -- a document that sets rules for the design of a new development in the Russian High North.

The Standard will also provide for an implementation methodology and a detailed roadmap for new development projects introducing implementation action plans and algorithms for interaction with all parties concerned.

The design process started in late 2020. The initiative to introduce the Standard was jointly kicked off by the Far Eastern and Arctic Ministry and the Construction Ministry under the Housing and Urbanism National Project.

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Alexander Stotskiy
23 December 2021
Arctic Today