National Standards for Arctic Tourism Approved

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National Standards for Arctic Tourism Approved

On 30 June 2022, a new set of national standards designed specifically for Arctic tourism will come into effect, the Russian tourism authority says. The set of standards is a product of cooperation between the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency, the Federal Agency for Tourism, and several NGOs and research institutions.

New standards were developed, following a governmental ordinance, as part of the Tourism and Hospitality national program. As stated by the tourism authority, Russia has become the world’s first country to adopt such standards. According to the tourism officials, these standards will help improve both the safety and quality of hospitality services in the Russian Arctic.

The standards were tailored so as to make the industry more resilient in light of the challenging climate realities of the High North and risks associated therewith. The document sets recommendations for excursion tours and tourist routes, as well as requirements for tourist accommodation, transport, equipment, staff qualification etc. It also provides for travel communication guidelines and outlines the requirements for communications with rescue workers, local residents and members of indigenous communities. In addition, the standards define what characteristics information, warning and prohibitory signs should have.

The process of designing, adoption and implementation of these tourism industry standards has been synchronized with the Russian presidency in the Arctic Council. Moscow believes that the newly approved standards may serve as an example for the rest of Arctic countries -- and yet another topic to discuss as part of the Arctic dialogue.

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Alexander Stotskiy
9 February 2022
Arctic Today